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The Kayak Guided Tour

The kayak guided tour through the the ecosystem,and the mangroves channels is both relaxing and beautiful. You will learn about the biosphere while gliding through the bird habitats and fish spawning areas.


The trip is guided by an experienced ecologist who will briefly interrupt the gentleness with explanations of the interrelationships that exist here between plants and animals. You may see any of the hundreds of species of fish and wildlife which inhabit the biosphere and have made "El Cuyo" one of the best kept secret the top eco adventures destinations in the world.


Mangrove trees constitute the very core of the coastal ecological cycle. They are uniquely adapted to living in salty water and provide protection from coastal erosion. Fungus that grows on the dead, fallen leaves provides nourishment for small crustaceans and birds. Some of the trees reach heights of up to 85 feet (25 meters.)



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